Durex Ribbed Condom

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Price: RS. 180/-

Durex Ribbed Condoms

Not only do Durex Ribbed condoms have uniquely positioned ribs to give a more intense experience during sex, they also have a straighter shape to provide a closer, sleeker fit.

Text on pack:
3 ribbed condoms for extra pleasure
100% electronically tested
Smells better
It contains: stimulating ribbed texture, natural rubber condoms, teat ended, coral colored and lubricated
Normal width: 53mm
Please read the leaflet inside the pack carefully, especially if you are using condoms for non-vaginal sex
Use a condom only once
Durex, Ribbed and the Durex Quality Mark are trademarks of the SSL Group.
Manufactured / Marketed by: Reckitt Benckiser

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