MAXMAN DELAY SEX Gel Available in Pakistan

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Price: RS. 1,650/-
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Price: RS. 1,650/-

MAXMAN DELAY SEX Gel Availble in Pakistan


Erectile organ ENLARGEMENT 60G outline

Maxman Cream Stronger formula, Rated the safest, best delay creme for men.

A very gentle non-toxic toppical desensitizer in aspecially combined coldcream base. FOR EXTERNAL USE solely.


Directions of MAXMAN Cream in Pakistan:

To provide a short lived slight desensitising impact over a desired space, apply and gently massage into skin 10 minutes before contact.


MAXMAN Creme Ingredient:

  • Topical anaesthetic nine.6% during a water drip-dry base.

MAXMAN Creme facet Effects:

Failed to realize any facet effects nonetheless.

  • Cautions of MAXMAN Creme:

1. For external use solely.

2. don't apply over abrasions or rashes. Avoid contact with eyes.

3. Keep this and al medication out of the reach of kids.


MAXMAN Creme is Rated The Safest, best Delay Cream For Men.


MAXMAN Sex Delay Cream Ointment Male External erectile organ Enlargement Cream Male material

MAXMAN Sex Delay Cream Ointment Male External erectile organ Enlargement Cream Male material

Principal indications: organic morbid ejaculation patients, primary and secondary ejaculation patients, habitual ejaculation patients thanks to disorder of emission-stopping muscle and retinervus caused by over-frequent masturbation; mental prmature ejaculation patients, ejaculation patients thanks to redundant prepuce.

Character: the merchandise could be a white mixed snowflake cream.

Active ingredient: Water, glycol stearate S.E.,isopropyl myristate, fenugreed oil,allantoin,vatamine A,phenoxyethanol,fragance.

Use guide: twenty minutes before love life, clean the sexual organ, imbibe water drops, take the merchandise pro re nata, apply it to erectile organ stem, genus Balanus and groove, and provides massage to the erectile organ slightly till the medication is totally absorbed. The prissy ought to clean the medication with clear water forty minutes once the appliance. It will facilitate to prolong genital time despite what genital type is adopted. the merchandise is inexperienced and nontoxic and has no facet impact. It ought to be applied earlier; otherwise the impact would be unideal. The effectualness will last for 3 hours. The beginners ought to use it less and increase or decrease the dose pro re nata.



Use 2 among in the future , take it before gender ,

The product doesn\'t have the effectualness of pleasure and erection. don\'t take it orally.
Guarantee period: three years

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