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Price: RS. 2,250/-

This product is developed by various medical elites in Manhanttan Bioengineering Company of U.S.A. as pure natural and efficient penis enhancer . Each piece of the product is strictly examed and tested which can effectively enhance penis strength. It is applicable to men at all ages, quickly enhance sexuality with more noticeable effect, its special herbal medical formula can expedite bloodbackflow, release male hormone stored in human body, stimulate natural hormone production of body, provide necessary nutriment for penis growth, expend cavernous body of penis, increase blood content to make penis continure to become longer.

This product contains unque formula and is developed in scientific way, each piece of the product can effectively enhance blood flow amount of penis, expend penis size, leave penis longer, stronger and harder, enhance libido, prevent impotence and premature ejaculation, enhance permanence and your self-confidence. Orally applying the product would not produce any side effect and reliability. Without blush, heartbeat quicking , feeling sick and headache, not influenced by heart disease, hypertension and diabetes mellitus, effectively treat prostatitis patient with no influence on effect after drinking wine or alcohol.

[Applicable Crowd ]:
Various symptoms caused by didney dficiency including premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, impaired sperm prodcution, sexual dysfunction, decreased libido, short and small penis, waist and knee aching, limb weakness, dizziness, ear ringing, excessive selfsweating, frequent urination and prostatitis.

Orally take one piece before sleeping with warm boiled water.(one piece 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse to get magical effect). For daily health care, orally take one piece every three days.
1. Don’t be too hurry and take more beyond the above-mentioned amount.
2. After taking medicine, in case of too frequent or too long erection, have cold water to release it.
3. Don’t repeat in 24 hours.
American Superman Pills Price in Pakistan

1 bottle (8+2 Pills) Price : Rs, 2500

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