Aspirin Regimen Bayer Low Dose Pain Reliever Enteric Coated Tablets, 81mg, 120 Ct

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Price: RS. 2,950/-

Original Bayer Aspirin 81 mg 120 Coated Caplets in Pakistan Offers you the best discounted price for Imported Bayer Aspirin 81 mg 120 Coated Tablets with home delivery and free shipping to all over Pakistan

  • The First and Most Trusted Aspirin Brand
  • Considered the Safest Aspirin Variant
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Helps Limit Cardiovascular Issues Like Heart Attacks
  • Easy on Your Stomach

Bayer Tablets

It is known that low-dose aspirin helps blood circulation, and is often recommended to women for heart health. Bacteriosis of low dose aspirin provides a daily low dose of 81 mg for women taking aspirin regimen. Each bottle 120 is supplied with the tablets with an enteric coating.

Bayer Aspirin Tablets

Bayer with a low dose 81 mg aspirin tablets with a protective sheath is often recommended by physicians as "children" aspirin for use adults aspirin circuits. Aspirin low dose Bayer supplied in small tablets, which are easily swallowed, and have a protective shell for additional protection of the stomach. Aspirin protects your heart by supporting the unimpeded flow of blood. Most often it is used by patients who regularly take aspirin under the supervision of a physician. This product contains one quarter of the power of conventional medicine aspirin tablets, which allows more convenient to take the dosage, the doctor intended. This product has no sodium and without caffeine.

Genuine Aspirin Bayer

Enteric coating - a protective coating of sustained-release, which provides additional protection for the stomach. Enteratychnae coating is intended to ensure that aspirin could pass through the stomach into the small intestine before dissolving.

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