Qarshi Qarshi Gen-Xing Multi Mineral Cap. 30 Cap

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Price: RS. 950/-

For strength, energy and vitality. The human body is a great masterpiece of nature. The natural quantity of human body minerals has an important role in maintaining body functions. Modern scientific research proves doctors' theories as long as the number of human body minerals decreases with age and one feels the most vulnerable. If the deficiency of minerals is not found, it can result in fatigue, mental and physical fatigue and one that exhibits strong signs that grow older. The Qarshi R & D cell, which looks at the latest scientific research, offers Gen-xing Multimineral Capsules with Gen-xing mixed with other major minerals. These capsules meet the lack of human body minerals and make one feel young. > 30 Cap What's in the Box? > 1 x Qarshi Gen-Xing Multi General Cap. 30 Cap


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