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Price: RS. 1,450/-

Imported Panadol in Pakistan - 48 Tablets

Panadol Advance 48 tablets. Panadol Advance - this is a new advanced form of paracetamol containing Optyzorb. Unlike painkillers that can sit in your stomach, Panadol Advance - with Optizorb- starts releasing their medicine in just 5 minutes, and still has a safety profile that you trust Panadol.


Panadol Advance

Panadol tablet with Optizorb Advance to the recipe OPTIZORB - this is a reasonable choice, as it provides superior absorption when compared to conventional tablets Panadol. The patented delivery system, which allows more efficient delivery of paracetamol * to the body, removing the pain while remaining gentle on the stomach.



♦ Effective pain relief

♦ Gentle on Stomach

♦ Faster absorbed


Brand: Panadol

♦ The box Contains: 48 tablets



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