100% Original Pfizer Viagra - 4 Tablets "Made in USA"

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Price: RS. 1,500/-
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Price: RS. 1,500/-

Original Pfizer Viagra 4 Tablets in Pakistan


1ST COPY Viagra 4 Tablets Price: 1500/-

Original Viagra 4 Tablets Price: 5000/-


1. Viagra Tablets could facilitate increase pleasure and will facilitate enhancing performance.
2. Provide powerful, repeat & long lasting erections Viagra Tablets Man's Stamina, Sexual sweetening Dietary Supplement All-natural flavoring supplement steered dosage: One pill before gender, not to exceed a pair of tablets in any 24-hour amount. Viagra Tablets comes during a pack with golden tablets.


Every pill contains one hundred mg of active ingredients and it\'ll add simply forty-five minutes for a few and for others 1-3 hours warranted.
Viagra Tablets is all-natural flavor supplement that enhances male sex performance. Viagra Tablets contains a scientifically researched combination of quite twenty powerful natural herbs that manufacture long lasting, onerous erections and boost manly sexual stamina and energy.


Hard, lasting sex WHENEVER you wish for as long as you wish AT ANY AGE! What makes Viagra Tablets? Therefore, powerful is that the distinctive mix of ingredients it contains for male sexual sweetening.

Viagra Tablets Man Stamina, Sexual sweetening capsules will facilitate you: one. Viagra Tablets could facilitate increase pleasure and will facilitate enhancing performance. 2. Provide powerful, repeat & long lasting erections.
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3. No prescription needed no addiction and no facet effects.
4. larger ejaculation and most pleasance.
5. Really satisfy your partner.

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 1:  One Viagra Pack: 5000 PKR {4 Pills}



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اردو میں پرھی

یہ گولیاں ایک ایسی غضب ناک طاقت رکھتی ہے کہ بوڑھا بھی جوان ہو جاتا ہے
بس خاص لمحات سے صرف 45منٹ پہلے یہ استعمال کریں اُور گولی کا اثر خوددیکھے
کہ کیا ہوتا ہے یہ دوائی کسی بھی تعریف کے قابل نہیں یہ خود اپنی تعریف آپ ہے
بلڈپریشر کے مریض اس کو استعمال نہ کریں ابھی اپنا آرڈر بک کروائیں
پیسے تب دیں جب آپ کی چیز آپ کے ہاتھ میں ہو گئی
قیمت صرف:5000روپے

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