Herb Viagra Green Pills

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Price: RS. 2,000/-

Herb Viagra Green Pills

Herb plant viagra green pills, pure Chinese medicine essence, safe without side effects, the effect of significant male ED pills .

Herb plant viagra male ed pills introduction : 

This herb viagra sex product can effectively increase the genital blood flow, increase the size of the genitals, make the penis longer, stronger, harder, and can enhance sexual desire, prevent soft erection and premature ejaculation, enhance sex endurance and men's self-confidence.

This unique formulation of the herb plant viagra male sex pills has been developed scientifically and carefully, with more than 10 kinds of natural plant extracts of the essence of ingredients, so that men can experience several ejaculation and reached several climax, after the sex  can rapidly grow add sperm, not exhausted due to sperm exhaustion And no affect renal function, the effectiveness can be sustainable for 180 hours.

Herbal viagra green male sexual stimulant Special effects:

  • Has special effects on male impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, penis short, genital dysplasia, frail kidney deficiency atrophy in the elderly ;
  • Has adjuvant therapy on urinary frequency, urgency, prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy ;
  • Rapidly increase male semen, increased sexual power,have a significant effect on difficulty in penile erection, erect but soft erection, dizziness, tinnitus, kidney fatigue, male infertility, kidney deficiency, sperm reduction, low sperm survival rate, poor activity, sperm deformity, sperm Liquefaction and other symptoms ;
  • This product has a unique formula, drink alcohol does not affect the results, heart disease high blood pressure can take it, has a good effect on the prostate.


Pure herbal sex medicine plant viagra pills Special effects two:

  • After taking this product, the sexual desire to arouse in time, significantly strengthened, the sense of fear for sexual life, at any time replaced by the sexual impulse  and take the initiative to the opposite sex, the body seems to have a jet of magma surge;
  • Increase sexual pleasure, sexual intercourse can last for up to 180 minutes;
  • Repeated sexual intercourse, stimulate multiple sexual desire, the penis can be a number of strong erection, ejaculation is not weak, to achieve multiple climax;
  • After taking this plant viagra sex product can have  strong erection in 15 minutes , penis thickening, increased, increased hardness, long-term use of the herbal viagra pills, the penis can grow 2-3 cm within 1 month , not retraction.

Herb viagra green sex pills Main ingredients:

Ginseng, saffron, Cordyceps sinensis, snow lotus, snow deer whip, possession of yak testicles

Herbal plant viagra pills suitable crowd:

Impotence, premature ejaculation, penis short, prostatitis, long marriage and infertility, male and female frigidity, dryness, sexual intercourse pain, spermatorrhea, spermatorrhea, Yaoshenruanan, insomnia forgetfulness, lack of energy, hair loss, frail kidney deficiency, And low libido  adult males.

Herb viagra pills Dosage: once a grain, room 30 minutes before taking (1 hour in advance to take better results)

Herb viagra plant viagra sex pills specification : 6800 mg *10 pills / bottle

Shelf life: 3 years

Storage: sealed, cool and dry place.

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