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Price: RS. 2,500/-

Gold Viagra medal healthy, fresh and sheep's testicles, the high-tech bio-extraction process and then into a number of valuable natural taste of Chinese herbal medicine scientific formula, carefully made from processing a new generation of health food, a gold medal to the promotion of Viagra for men Organ function and stimulate sexual instincts and mainatain a full energy, full of strength, the use of sustained-release technology, through the stomach and intestinal absorption of the second, 30minutes to take effect, sustainable and effective time to 72 hours, delay sex life 60-90 minutes, taking a course of treatment (30days) than the original organ increasing 1-5cm, three courses to reach 10-13cm(Europe and the United States were the standard), taking the gold medal after Viagra, is no longer talking about mere mention of the real experience sex is happy to let you Choucha would like to speed quickly on the fast and slow like the slow way, no worries, enjoy the high level of fun, Viagra can be a gold medal Cavernosum removal of an effective cytotoxic to increase the amount of oxygen Spongiform so weak, shrinking the penis of a yong man to return to the status of large, full strength, so that real men do "gun" hard "shell" adequate, from the inside out Yang good kidney, you victorious, the more fierce the Vietnam War, functional testing, the safety of drug-free goods, with anti-fatigue.

Male kindly deficiency, the patients's impotence caused by premature ejaculation, poor sexual desire, small penis, less refined, the inability to ejaculation without pleasure, menmory decline, dizziness headache, cold chills hand and foot swollen, the cold.

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