Izen Eye Massager

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Price: RS. 1,799/-
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Price: RS. 1,799/-

Izen Eye Massager

Product Features:

  • 22 magnetic massage touch
  • 8 massage essential
  • 9 types of massage modes
  • 800 high-frequency magnetic field

Anyone who recommended using the I-Care IC-108 is?

  • The students, students who have myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, eye fatigue caused by excessive use of glasses and the long term;
  • Computer operators, accountants, designers, secretaries, teachers, drivers remote, labor, and other precision instruments that rely on eye-brain-based staff.
  • You who often stay up;
  • Eye pain, headache, facial trigeminal neralgia, nerastenia, insomnia. 


  1. Loosen tense nerves around the eyes
  2. Blood circulation around the eyes
  3. As a tool for relaxation methods shakes
  4. Can reduce eye minus by stimulating the right nerve points
  5. Overcoming headaches due to too tired to work
  6. Relieve myopia, hyperopic astigmatism,
  7. Relieve tension and eyestrain
  8. Reduce eye wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes and eye bags due to tired or lack of sleep.
  9. Relieve insomnia and headaches
  10. Eye blood circulation.

The way the use of this therapeutic tool is very easy:
Just close your eyes and then attach it as a therapeutic tool using the glasses and let this therapeutic tool to massage the eyes for 5-15 minutes and feel the sensation 
that is very appropriate therapeutic tool used mainly for those of you who have a vision disorder and for you the day to day often in front of the computer. Touring for the hobby and often out of town driving a car. Save on Car / Motorcycle you. 

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