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Price: RS. 1,350/-

About MaxMan 75000 Spray

MaxMan 75000 delay is the best delay in the spray package in Pakistan. Although there are many varieties in the market, but MaxMan 75000 delay sprays prefer most men in most countries.

MaxMan 75000 spray is not only cheaper in terms of other brands, such as Long spray and lethal shark sprays, etc.

Based on the analysis provided by online vendor offering timing spray in Pakistan treatment, MaxMan 75000 spray time is a number and its ongoing sales. Spray multiples of repeat customers only require MaxMan 75000 spray alone and one.

Benefits of MaxMan 75000 Delay Spray

Sexual sprays timings such as MaxMan Spray - delay spray contain ingredients that make the male sexual organ insensitive. It offers the following benefits for men of all ages.

1. Provides a better production improvement compared to other similar products.

2. The price is very comfortable and, in other cases, less than similar sprays.

3. It is longer and the MaxMan 75000 spray bottle can be used for several months, so it has been very cost efficient.

How to Use MaxMan 75000 Delay Spray?

To take full advantage of the delay spray, you can use the following method:

1. Wash your male organ with clean water.

2. Shake the spray bottle well and sprinkle over the tip of the penis and middle.

3. The number of timing sprays differs from man to man, try it and test it according to your own requirements. Normally 2-3 short sprays are used for the majority of men.

4. Apply the MaxMan 75000 delay spray at least 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse, so that it completely seeps into the skin and has no effect on the sexual part of your lady.

Precautions While Using MaxMan 75000 Spray

Although there are almost no side effects from the delay spray, because it is only for external use, the following points may help you to obtain the correct and full benefits of the spray:

Because the timing spray makes the male organ insensitive, care must be taken during use. Never spray it near your eyes, nose or mouth. After your sexual intercourse wash your organ well with clean, fresh water. Do not apply the MaxMan 75000 delay spray too early, because doing this may affect your hardness and erection. Normally it takes 15 - 20 minutes before the game is considered ok, but you have to test it and try it based on your own needs and physical needs.

Side Effects of MaxMan 75000

Serious side effects of the original MaxMan delay spray have never been reported. The only effect that it has is that it numb the sexual organ and it can get difficult for some men to have erection after one sexual intercourse too early. You may have to wait a long time to try a second time. This can not be mentioned as a serious side effect because it is a normal physical change that is subsidized after some time.

How to Buy MaxMan 75000 Delay Spray in Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad?

You can shop online for MaxMan 75000 delay spray by following these methods:

1. Fill in the order form with full details, upon receipt of your order the representative of the company will confirm about the order and the address, etc. And your order will be sent to you immediately via a courier. Normally you will receive your MaxMan delay spray within 1-2 working days.

2. You can also call or text on the numbers provided and our representative will respond immediately.

We Respect Your Privacy

a. Sexual matters are always treated as human resources and we fully respect your privacy. We do not share, rent or disclose your personal information such as phone number, name or address etc. We have a 0% tolerance policy in this respect and we can be sure that we are serious about it.

b. The MaxMan 75000 delay spray bottles / cans are specially packed in cases without information. We use special adhesive tapes to attach the product that children can not easily open.

c. Our courier employees will call you before the product is delivered, so you can arrange to receive the product yourself or your nominee. In most cases we offer our customers an option for cash on delivery. You can also order timing condoms with us and double your enjoyment.

Last words

We believe in long-term business relationships and offer full guarantee for the products we supply. If you like MaxMan 75000 Delay Spray or MaxMan 75000 Spray, we ask you to ask more friends.

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