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Price: RS. 9,500/-


Rev Up Desire, Improve Stamina, Increase Erection Hardness, And More!

VigRX is one of the ONLY daily male enhancement supplements you'll find on the market today with a 10-year, proven track record of helping men dramatically improve their sex lives with:

      Bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections.
      Increased sex drive.
      More powerful, intense orgasms.
      Faster recovery times.
VigRX has earned its GOLD STANDARD reputation for delivering real, tangible results that you can both see and feel!

The secret lies in the superior formulation – created by Albion Medical team of sexual health researchers, using the very latest clinical trial results and medical studies in the field of men's sexual and reproductive health – and then finalized and manufactured in our cGMP certified pharmaceuticals laboratory.

It's the perfect blend of potency, quality, and SAFETY, giving men who follow the directions for a minimum of 30 days of supplementation the boost of desire and performance they're looking for:

With harder, longer-lasting, more pleasurable erections on demand... without the wait times typically associated with prescription drugs.

Because VigRX doesn't make you a one-trick pony like prescription drugs...

... Instead, it fortifies your entire reproductive system for a noticeable, LONG-TERM improvement in your sexual performance (provided you continue with the supplementation).

Spontaneous sex becomes "the norm" – no more 60-minute delays as you wait for those little blue pills to kick in! And best of all... There are no unwanted side effects to worry about because VigRX is all natural. No prescriptions are required.

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