Klimax Sensual

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Price: RS. 250/-

Klimax Sensual

Klimax Sensual is the only condom which has five features in one condom, thus ensuring a sensuous experience never experienced before. No condom can match the guaranteed unforgettable pleasure of Klimax Sensual, which is so sensory that all your senses will experience just PLEASURE.
  • Super soft studs: Very delicately and softly raised studs increase the intensity of vaginal stimulation
  • Ribbed: Ribs texture will heighten the sensation for both partners
  • Coloured: Exotic coloured to give condom an aesthetic feel
  • Contoured: Novel technology, which makes condom adopt & fit to the shape of penis, ensuring intense experience
  • Fragrant: Alluring fragrance to intensify the ambience & feelings

Imported and marketed by Kresta Corp.

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