Sensation Rapid Increase Of Power-The Activator For Women

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Price: RS. 2,500/-

Rapid Increase Of Power will help to improve your intimate relations. The main action of these tablets is carried out on tactility and therefore it is possible to increase sexual force considerably. After several uses you will be struck with its power. It is one of the few medicines which allows to bring any girl to a numerous orgasm.

Characteristic: All tablets contain HS and GHB extracts. Before reception it is the best of all to consult with the expert. He will independently appoint a dosage. It is necessary to take this pill inside. Also try to wash down medicine only with water.  

Properties: Rapid Increase Of Power - one of the few means capable to bring the woman to extreme extent of sexual excitement. This extremely effective sex activator begins to operate in 3 minutes.  


Indications to application: Rapid Increase Of Power - the representative of new generation of medicines especially for women giving super bystry effect and bright strong feelings at sexual intercourse. One of the most effective female activators. Gives the chance to the girl to reach a powerful multiple orgasm.

  • Lack of a sexual inclination.
  • Frigidity.
  • Dissatisfaction in sex.
  • Small level of moistening of a vagina.
  • Decrease in sensitivity.

 Structure: HS and GHB extracts.

  • Cantharidine extract (HS factor) - the strongest activator. Analog of a silfadein, classical viagra;
  • Solution gamma gidroksibutirata (GHB) – renders very powerful weakening and a povyshayushcheechuvstvennost action.

Dosage: Rapid Increase Of Power - Viagra for women begins to work in 5 minutes after reception, we recommend to accept in 10 - 15 minutes before the introduction in the sexual relations. Means is recommended to be washed down with warm water.

Contraindications: It is forbidden to accept to the women having a hypertension and it is warm - vascular diseases since cause blood supply improvement.

Packing: 1 bottles - (liquid).

Brand:SYSTEM JO Products
Country of manufacture:China
Taste:Without taste
Additional effect:Exciting
Gender:For women

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