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Price: RS. 2,950/-

Use Guide: Baba Chinese male enhancement pill is made of traditional medicine, the traditional Baba Chinese to increase your penis, making your penis bigger, thicker and stronger. With many thousands of experiences it was a wonderful immune response, premature ejaculation, erect eye and long. At the same time, it can take longer and longer for the penis. The main characteristic of Tibet Babao is that there are no side effects or success after medication. You can become strong and undergo a sperm treatment after sexual activity. And no side effects of kidney and fat due to the time of ejection.

Ingredients: Tibet Donkey penis-kidney, Deer penis-kidney, fur seal kidney, gecko, saffron, cow testicles, cordyceps, snow lotus, snow deer penis, seahorse, herbal cistanches, longan, ginseng, medlar.

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