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Price: RS. 3,450/-

Ever Long Tab 60mg 10's in Sialkot


What Is Everlong?

Everlong Tablet Is Used For Premature Ejaculation And Other Conditions. Everlong Tablet May Also Be Used For Purposes Not Listed In This Medication Guide.
Everlong Tablet Contains Dapoxetine As An Active Ingredient.
Everlong Tablet Works By Inhibiting Serotonin Transporter To Delay Ejaculation.
Mark Manufactures Everlong Tablet. Priligy Tablets in Pakistan
Detailed Information Related To Everlong Tablet’s Uses, Composition, Dosage, Side Effects And Reviews Is Listed Below.


Everlong Tablet Uses :

Everlong Tablet Is Used For The Treatment, Control, Prevention, & Improvement Of The Following Diseases, Conditions And Symptoms:
Premature Ejaculation
Everlong Tablet May Also Be Used For Purposes Not Listed Here


Price: Rs.4000.00

Product Name: Ever Long Tab 60mg 3's
Product Form: Tablets
Pack Size: 3's
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