Fujian Gold Diet Tea - Slimming Herb Tea

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Price: RS. 1,250/-

Slimming Herb Tea helps to accelerate the termgenesis or fat burning process in the body to help get rid of stiff bumps. In order to stay slim and healthy, the gastrointestinal system must function well. If 'toxins' accumulate in the intestines, the person will feel tired and slow, experience a severe breath, water retention and a build up of excess fat in the body.

Stressful environment, heavy work pressure, poor diet (heavy meals with many roasted foods) and lack of exercise. All of these can contribute to the build up of toxins in your system. Your intestines are like drainage pipes in your kitchen where fat and other 'litter' are constantly thrown into the drain. If it is not cleaned regularly, the oil and grease will slowly form a film around the inside of the pipes and eventually end the drain.

If it occurs in the intestines, the result is poor absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.). The body does not get the necessary nutrition for peak performance, which leads to a slow, dull metabolism, and the body is prone to storing and retaining fat, rather than burning it efficiently.

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