Caboki Hair Fiber - Hair Fiber in Pakistan

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Price: RS. 1,250/-
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Price: RS. 1,250/-

Caboki Hair Fiber in Pakistan - Hair Fiber in Pakistan

Product Highlights

  • Hair fibers in Dark brown and Black color
  • Appears natural - fibers remain unnoticeable
  • Gives an instant fuller coverage to fine hair - covers up bald spots and thinning hair areas
  • Suitable for male and female
  • Hypoallergenic - minimum risk of developing allergies


Caboki hair fiber is a hair loss remedy that makes people with hair appear to regenerate the hair follicles which makes the hair thicker. It does not allow hair to grow back, but it does provide a way to improve the appearance of hair removal. If you have large scalp patches visible through thinning hair, Caboki hair fiber can be used to cover these as well.

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