Qarshi Medicine For Timing

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Price: RS. 650/-


شاھی کیپسول
پروقار اور بااختیار رہنے کیلئے
مردانہ قوت کی کمی، اعصابی کمزوری، جریان، احتلام، سرعتِ انزال اور مادہ منویہ کی رقت (پتلا پن) کے لیے موثر ہے۔ اعضائے ریئسہ کو تقویت دے کر قوت باہ بڑھاتے ہیں۔
ترکیب استعمال:
رات کو سوتے وقت ایک سے دو کیپسول دودھ سے کھائیں۔
اجزائے مرکب:
عقر قرحا، قرنفل، جائفل، ثگلرف، جاوتری، کشتہ مرجان، کشتہ بیضہ مرغ، کشتہ فولاد، کچلئہ مدبر، دار چینی، پھلی ببول، ملٹھی، سمندر سوکھ، اجوائن خراسانی

An effective herbal remedy for sexual and nerve weakness, sperm and night exposure improves the functionality of vital organs.

A medicine that is regularly used to stay juveniles. Shahi capsules are effective for the treatment of sexual weakness, nervous weakness, night emptiness (night transmission), premature ejaculation and weakness of sperm. Since the ingredients are mild and aphrodisiac (sexually stimulating), Shahi capsules have a long-lasting effect on the patient. The research of the individual active ingredients used in the formulation was carried out during Shahi capsule formulation.

A specific cure for sexual and nerve weakness, sperm and night burns will strengthen the function of the vital organ.

  • An Effective herbal supplement
  • An Effective remedy for sexual and nervous weakness, semen
  • Potentiates the functinoning of vital organs.
  • All Natural Product


10 Capsules - 650/-
100 Capsules (10 Packs) 4500/-

Action: Shahi capsules consist of such components that remove nerve weakness by supplying energy to the organs. They increase sexual power and strengthen sperm. They also help build strong sexual organs by increasing muscle strength. Shahi capsules also provide power to vital organs.

Side Effects: No side effects reported.

Indications: Nocturnal Emission, Sexual Weakness, Spermatorrhoea.

Dosage: Take 1-2 capsules with milk before bedtime.

Storage Instruction: Store in a cool dry place.

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Qarshi Medicine For Timing

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