Germany Made Shark Spray 25000

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Price: RS. 1,250/-
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Price: RS. 1,250/-

Original Deadly Shark Power 25000 Delay Spray in Pakistan

Composition: Lidocain 10 %, Hurbal Oils 90%
Volume: 45ml. Bottle
Made in Germany

Spray Volume - 45ml.  

Our Piece Rs. 1150/= including courier charges

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Condition: Seal Pack

Brand: Made in Germany




Last up to six times longer in bed and say goodbye to premature ejaculation with delay spray for men. According to research, almost 40 percent of men in Britain and 55% in Asian poor countries are suffering from premature ejaculation which often causes problems such as distress and frustration for both men and their partners.

 This problem led the researchers at the Royal Victoria Hospital located at Belfast in United Kingdom to develop a spray called PSD502 (more commonly known as delay spray for men) that can delay ejaculation and therefore prolong sex and enhance sexual experience and satisfaction for both men and women.


Excel power spray, extended sex time, external, non-toxic no side effects. The persons who have only 2 or 4 minutes sex time, they can enhance their sex time 2-3 hrs after use of this liquid. Specially use for you and your sex partners satisfaction.

Highly effective long time spray for men, easy to use and no side effect.


Apply to front of penis before 15-20 minutes and then enjoy for long time. Very good spray for those who have only 3-4 minutes sex time Prolongs X excitement

Increases nerve impulses near to the site of application. The dosage is sufficiently low that it limits the anesthetic effect to the area of application. Apply two or more measured sprays as required to the head of the shortly before X. Do not exceed six sprays per application.

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