Dr.James Slimming Capsule 500 mg. 30 capsules

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Price: RS. 2,450/-

Dr.James Slimming Capsule 500mg. 30 Capsules

Who doesn’t want a slim and slender figure? To make perfect slimming result, body must burn unnecessary fat and stimulate necessary bowel movements and metabolism. Dr James Natural Herbal Laxative its herbal formula burns unnecessary fat and cholesterol in the body and makes you slim and fit without any side effects and heavy workouts. It reduces your weight in natural way safely.

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Obesity Problem naturally causes inside from the body. Main fattening problem is caused from incomplete digestion of food in stomach which leads to existence of gas and toxic substance in stomach. These incomplete digestions of food result constipation and eventually weight gain.


  • It is a laxative and being diet pill
  • Trapping the fat and reducing the accumulation of fat
  • Burn the fat and cholesterol, Help reducing weight
  • Lower the need to eat food. Only once a day
  • No stomach pain and irritation

Ingredients: each capsule contains- Garcinia Atroviridis, Cassia Angustifolia, Phyllanthus Embelica.


Take two capsules per day (especially evening or before bedtime)


Children and pregnant women should not use these capsules.

Weight: 500mg 30caps.


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