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Price: RS. 1,450/-



Dr Johnson Slim 3 Days Essence Hot Gel SEAWEED & GREENTEA
Sustained Release for 6 hours Formula of USANett Weight 180ML (5fl.oz)

Tripe Slimming FunctionCellulite is a tendency of fatty tissues to hold liquids.The hypodermis contains adipocytes arranged in even andhomogeneous layers, along with a very complex network of microvessels,whose function is to feed and to oxygenate the surrounding tissues.

[Cellulite Histopathology]

SLIM 3 DAYS Plus Seaweed and Green Tea extracts by Dr. Johnson is works to burn fatty acids and liberate new energy in the skin.

The bio-technological anto-cellulite treatment contains a new slimming substance that helps to reduce the reappearence of cellulite and fight against cellulite. Use refirms the skin without a massage,and helps prevent the reappearance of cellulite and fightsexisting cellulite.


Simply massage gently into your body, use all over waist,thigh and buttock area before dressing in the morning and before bed time or after taking your shower. Suitable for all skin type.


Water, stearic acid, glycerine, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, hydrolysed collagen, barley & mushroom extracts, escin extract,seaweed extract, green tea extract, natural Vitamin E,dimethicone, fragrance.

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